About Me

Hey guys!  Before you go trying some of my recipes, thought you might like to know a little bit about me and my blog.  My super great husband, Jeff, my sweet little baby Emma, the best dog ever, Curtis, and I live in the heart of the Bluegrass.

Both Jeff and I have a background in wellness, which comes in handy for two things we love…exercise and food.   We spend a lot of our free time training and traveling for triathlons.  So, when we are not at work, in the pool, or on the road, I prefer to put on my apron.  I have always had an interest in food, mainly eating it, but over the past few years, I have found a passion for cooking, baking, and entertaining. 

I started cooking more since meeting my husband, and have learned to cook through trial and error by taking recipes from popular chefs, my family, and good friends, and modifying them to fit our tastes.  I have learned a lot from Jeff in the kitchen, so he deserves some credit for many of these recipes, or at least for taste testing and cleaning up after me.

Originally I started this blog as a way for me to share some of the favorite foods I have made, and hope that it helps you find ways to get your family to the kitchen table more often.  So, if you did not go to culinary school, don’t have all night to cook dinner, want a healthy meal, and try to stick to a limited grocery budget, you have found the right place!

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